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High quality new Aula Mechanical Gaming Keyboard USB Popular product Magnetic Wrist Rest Wired Pu

Aula Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,USB Wired,Magnetic Wrist Rest,Pu


Aula Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,USB Wired,Magnetic Wrist Rest,Pu


Product description

Color:gray-white--Blue switches

Product Features
1.The AULA professional switches are jointly developed by teams at home and abroad. After many tests by experts and players, it is suitable for games and offices. All keys are programmable and remappable. When several keys are pressed at the same time, the computer will react to all keys,instead of just one of them.
2.The material of the keycap is PBT plastic, which is durable and comfortable to touch. The two-color injection molding process has good light transmission and does not fade. Even in a dark environment, you can see the letters clearly. The arc design of the keycap is ergonomic and comfortable.
3.The keyboard has a white backlight, with up to 20 kinds of backlight effects, such as breathing, Z type, point light, etc.It can be switched and adjusted the brightness by the large knob in the upper right corner of the keyboard.
4.The panel of the keyboard is a thick aluminum alloy panel with a slightly matte feel, stylish, comfortable and durable. The keyboard is also equipped with a magnetic wrist rest, which can relax your wrists properly, and it is also very convenient to install and remove.
5.The three small buttons on the upper right of the keyboard have multimedia functions. M1: previous song, M2: play/pause, M3: next song.

Product Specification
Transmission method: USB cable
Number of keys: 108
Key life: about 50 million times
Key stroke: 4.0mm
Keyboard size: 17x4.8x1.5 in / 435x123x38 mm
Wrist rest size: 17x2.7x0.6 in / 435x68x14.5 mm
Matching system: Vista/ Windows7/8/10 / Mac

Aula Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,USB Wired,Magnetic Wrist Rest,Pu


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